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Lisa K. Farrell, CEO

Lisa K. Farrell is the founder, owner, and CEO of Lisa Home Mortgage™. Lisa has over a decade of experience as a licensed mortgage loan originator, and over 5 years’ experience as CEO. Lisa is a Brooklyn, NY native and an esteemed graduate of Rosemont College. Her illustrious portfolio includes accolades as an author, media personality, and a gospel/soul singer, among other remarkable accomplishments.

Lisa Home Mortgage™, is a transformative mortgage company with a mission to empower individuals, entrepreneurs, and business owners to achieve their dreams of homeownership. Under the visionary leadership of Lisa K. Farrell, we are rewriting the client's experience of real estate financing with our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and personalized service.

At Lisa Home Mortgage™, we believe that homeownership is a gateway to personal growth and financial prosperity. Guided by our core values of expertise, expediency, and elegance, we offer a diverse range of mortgage products and services tailored to the unique needs of each client. From entrepreneur business owners to first-time homebuyers, our team ensures that our clients find the perfect financing solution that aligns with their aspirations and financial goals.

Our nurturing environment fosters a symphony of support and mentorship. With Lisa K. Farrell as a beacon of empowerment, our dedicated team of Loan Originating Assistants (LOAs), Processors, MLOs, and client support staff work seamlessly to ensure a stress-free experience for our valued clients. Our mentorship extends beyond transactions, as we empower individuals to create their sanctuaries, where memories are made and dreams are nurtured.

Currently licensed in multiple states, including CA, CO, AL, LA, DE, FL, GA, TX, and PA, Lisa Home Mortgage™ is determined to extend its reach nationwide. Our ambition knows no bounds, envisioning a future where we serve as a beacon of hope in every state, guiding individuals towards their dream homes, refinance goals, or investment property options.

Join the legacy of Lisa Home Mortgage™, where every home we help finance becomes an emblem of dreams fulfilled and futures enabled. We are not merely facilitators of loans; we are architects of dreams, curators of possibilities, and champions of homeownership.

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Homeownership is closer than you think

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